Blondie Has Girl Power in Minnesota

Woman with horse
Larissa with Blondie

This month, I interviewed Blondie, a vivacious 13-year-old Palomino American Quarter Horse. She lives in Northrop, MN.

Blondie, what a pretty name! And I must say, it fits you well!

Thank you. I like my name very much. I’m a girl’s girl. Long blonde mane and tail, dainty eating habits… if I could paint my hooves, I would choose pink for sure! I do have pink brushes, which I like a lot – especially because my brothers don’t get to use them!

How many brothers do you have?

Two horses
Blondie with her brother Salsa

I have two brothers: Salsa, who is 19 and Jack, who we think is about 30. Jack just moved in with us in January; he’s a little rough around the edges but I’ve become quite protective of him and really like being around him. We also have a couple of rodent-catchers, mom calls them cats, that live with us and some kittens too. As long as they keep the mice away, I’ll share my barn with them. They are kind of fun to watch. They don’t like apples, which is good, since apples are my favorite treat. I really like apples. But I do insist mom feed them to me by hand so I can take little nibbles. That’s what ladies do. We take nibbles.

Your mom feeds you apples by hand?

My mom is Larissa Hillmer. She feeds me apples, cookies and of course hay, grass and grains. My favorite things to do are to eat and roll in the grass! Mom and I have an eating routine. After she feeds me, I give her a long, sorrowful look and she melts. That’s when I get a cookie! Mom’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Although I didn’t think so when we first met.

Larissa is my sister-in-law! I know first-hand that she spoils you! I can’t believe you didn’t fall in love with her at first sight!

Mom found me through an ad on Facebook almost two years ago. The ad made it very clear that I did not like to be ridden. Mom drove to Emmetsburg, IA to see me. She liked me. But for some reason, she thought she could just hop on my back and we’d go riding off gently into the sunset. I made it clear to her that was not going to happen. I had not been ridden in over two years and I wasn’t going to start then. I liked being the horse everyone was afraid to ride!

But then, without warning, mom just climbed right onto my back. Before I even realized what was happening! I couldn’t believe it! What was she thinking? Didn’t she know how scary I could be?! I threatened to buck. I neighed loudly, making lots of noise, hoping that would intimidate her, but mom just talked to me softly, unafraid, and before I knew it, I was trotting around with my new mom on my back. I wasn’t about to let her do it again, but once was okay. We had an understanding.

Woman with horse
Larissa and Blondie

She sounds brave! Tell me a little bit about Larissa.

Oh she is brave. She’s a 42-year-old cancer survivor and is the person I love most in this world. She understands me. And I understand her. We speak to each other without speaking, if that makes sense.

When she’s not with me, she’s either at work as an Administrative Assistant at Great River Energy in Trimont or with her family: husband Chris, daughter Dayna and son Chase.

What was the best present you ever gave your mom?

Just six days after I moved onto the farm to live with mom and her family, I decided that mom could ride me anytime she wanted. I kept it a secret though. It was a beautiful sunrise in October. October 4, 2015. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was mom’s birthday. I told her I wanted to give her a birthday present. I let her ride me bareback while the sun rose. It was quiet. Just the two of us. I felt at peace. I knew I had a good home with a mother that loved me unconditionally. We have been together ever since. And I do love her a lot.

What does your mom do that you wish she would do forever?

(Takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and lets out a long, contented sigh) When my mom rubs my tummy, I stick my tongue out and hope she never stops. I love that almost as much as I love it when she gives me butt scratches! Once she starts those, I won’t let her quit. I follow her around the yard, walking backwards, hoping she’ll give me just one more scratch!

Your mom sounds like she’s got you figured out!

She may have. But I’ve got a secret about her that I think a lot of people may be surprised to know.

Oh! Can you share it with us?

My mom likes to sing to me. She really likes to sing Abba songs, you know, that group from the 1980s. She sings Mama Mia and Dancing Queen practically all the time! It makes her happy to sing and I like making her happy. I nuzzle her neck and she gives me a hug. Mom has a beautiful singing voice.

Does your mom have a special nickname for you?

She does. She calls me “Diva.” I think it fits me perfectly.

Since you’re a Diva, what celebrity do you think you most look like?

Hooves down, Farrah Fawcett. Don’t you agree?

I definitely see the resemblance! Thank you for fun interview, Blondie!

You’re welcome. It was my pleasure. Before you go, can you please paint my hooves? I like OPI’s “Party in My Cabana” Pink.

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