A Donkey With A Lot To Say

This month, I’m interviewing Lewis, a five-year-old Brazilian Donkey that lives in Black Earth, WI.

Lewis is five-year-old Brazilian Donkey that loves to talk.

Hey Lewis!

Hay is for horses Linda.

Oh my. I can see how this interview is going to go…

Okay, I’ll cut you some slack. I guess I’m still a little sad.

My best friend Thor has been gone for a couple of months; I don’t know when he’ll be back.

Who’s Thor and where did he go?

Thor is a three-year-old Friesian stallion. He was my pasture buddy. We hung out together, just the two of us, in this green pasture. And then mom decided it was time for him to learn a fancy thing called dressage, so he is in training in Illinois.

Horse and donkey
Thor and Lewis are best friends.

Tell me about your mom.

My mom is Jo Ann Clough. She lives with me here in Black Earth, WI. She’s 64 and retired just a few years ago from a 37-year career with the federal government. She owns a business called Black Earth Friesians LLC; she breeds and sells Friesian horses.

JoAnn Clough brought Lewis home to Black Earth from LaCrosse two years ago.

How does a Donkey wind up on a Friesian Farm?

My mom found me on Facebook two years ago. I was living on a farm in LaCrosse with a veterinary technician who had rescued me. When mom came to pick me up, I didn’t know what was going on. No one told me! All of a sudden, I was being led into a horse trailer. No way was I going to go! I locked my joints and dug in my heels, literally. They tried enticing me with all sorts of my favorite foods. I didn’t fall for it.

It took three people to push my 300-pound body into the trailer. And I kicked up a storm all the way to my new home. It wasn’t that I didn’t like these new people, I just didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I was scared. But as soon as they opened the trailer doors and I saw the nice pasture, the beautiful horses and a black dog named Bear I relaxed.

Bear is a 12-year-old Golden Retriever-Labrador who hangs out with Lewis on the Friesian Farm.

Mom knew Thor, who was only a year old at the time, needed a friend to hang out with him in the pasture. She thought I’d be perfect. And I was. When we first met, Thor dropped to his knees. It was an impressive sight for a 1,000 pound horse. Right then and there we agreed I was boss. And then we started playing.

Your mom sounds like she knows what she’s doing. I’m sure she has another pasture friend picked out for you.

She tried. His name is William. I tried to kill him.

Horses need to drink at least 10 gallons of water a day. I wouldn’t let him near the water. After a day, mom moved him to another pasture. Now I’m alone again. I’ve heard rumblings that she may put me with the two six-month-old Friesian fillies here on the farm.

Two Friesian fillies may be Lewis’ new pasture friends.

That’s the gossip in the barnyard. I’m hopeful. They might play with me like Thor did. Thor and I would play for hours. They just need to acknowledge that I’m boss. Then we’ll get along great. I don’t think William got the boss memo.

Apparently not. Tell me about your favorite food.

I don’t have a favorite food.

What do you mean? Everyone’s got a favorite food!

ALL food is my favorite. I’ll eat any food. I like it all. Give me cauliflower. Give me couscous. Give me Cold Stone Ice Cream. I don’t care. I’ll eat it.

There are apple trees all around the farm. If only I could reach them… but when I do get them, I eat them as fast as I can because bees like apples too. Those bees are nasty creatures! I got stung once on my nose and Holy Honey did that hurt! I don’t like bees.

Let’s talk about something you like…

I really, really, really like to be groomed. OMG. I will even push myself between my mom and any horse she’s grooming just to get a few brush strokes. I think being brushed is what being in heaven must feel like. When my mom grooms me, I’ll stand perfectly still – I mean like a statue – for at least 30 minutes. But you know what the best part is? After she’s done, I run outside and roll in the dirt! I like that!

You know what I think you like, Lewis? I think you like to talk.

You think? I talk about everything and anything. Want to talk cuisine? I know all about Bobby Flay. Want to talk fashion? Skinny jeans are on their way out. Or, let’s talk technology. I wonder if facial recognition with work with my face on an iPhone 10.

Basically, I’ll talk till the cows come home. And since we don’t have cows, I’ll talk all the time.

My mom calls me her watch dog. I alert her and anyone else who will listen that visitors are approaching! I really had fun watching you pull up on your motor coach. (You can read about our trip to Lewis’ farm on Austin’s Dog Blog.)

I’m not only a watch dog, I’m also a rooster. Every morning, right before sunrise, I’ll sing my “Good Morning” song in as loud of a voice as I can muster. I know everyone appreciates it.

I know we appreciated it! One last question Lewis. What celebrity do you think you most resemble?

Check out a picture of David Beckham. I think you’ll see an uncanny resemblance.

Do you have an interesting pet? Tell us about them!


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