Where to Go, What to Do

Photo  by Liquidcrash

Here’s a rundown of most of the places I’ve visited – and recommend – by state. If I blogged about it, I’ve linked the blog in the second column. Links in the third column will take you to a website for the place or activity. I hope you find this helpful. If you have suggestions or additions you’d like to add to this list (for attribution), please contact me. Thanks!



Camping                  Flying Goose Campground

RV Repair (tires)          Graham Tire Fairmont

New Ulm

Tours                    Schell’s Brewery


Overnight Parking          Walmart



Camping                    Benton Oaks RV Park (county fairgrounds)

Hiking/Walking          Fitton Green

McDonald-Dunn Forest

Oregon State University

Information          Visit Corvallis

RV Repair             Premier RV Services


South Dakota


Overnight Parking           Cabella’s