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My dog, Austin, and me!

We all know pets have abundant personalities (just like their owners!) – now they have an outlet to share their stories with us! A lifelong pet owner and lover, I enjoy meeting pet owners and sharing their life stories from their pet’s perspective.

I’m a retired business owner (government contracting) and communications professional from the Washington DC area. Since 2016, I’ve been living my dream: traveling the country in a motor coach with all the comforts of home, including my loving husband, our rambunctious puppy and the geriatric-queen-of-the-house cat.

I truly love writing from an animal’s perspective. Animals have no boundaries. And they have a terrific sense of humor!

I interview all kinds of pets from wherever we are in the country. No limits. Just great stories about good people from the pets who adore them.



A special Thank You to Larissa Hillmer Photography for the beautiful photos of Austin!